Saturday, 8 June 2013

Pizza and salad

Technically it was Mr Duncan's turn to cook but when I got home from Cub Scouts on Friday evening he wasnt home.  I phoned, and it turned out he was stuck on the bus in a detour/traffic jam.  So I took pity (I was starving) and took his turn to cook.

When I check my Abel and Cole order each week to see if I need to skip anything planned for the weeks order (sometimes we just can't handle four weeks in a row of the same veg and I very seldom get through the allocated potatoes every week) I also check the offers section.  The agreed household budget rule on grocery shopping is - even if it is expensive, if it is discounted more than 10% then we can order it.  Its also a good opportunity to introduce new things to our diet.

Now Mr Duncan is a big fan of pizza.  He's a fan of bread products in general - and they havent been kind to his metabolism or body shape.  I really like german style dark breads with lots of chewiness and find it hard to pass up a good french baguette or home made sourdough but the mass produced bread (and baguettes) I've found in the UK just dont do it for me. I really wasnt sure what made me like or not like certain breads until I read The Food We Eat by Joanna Blythman which explains the difference between the flour used in modern mass baking and traditional stoneground flour among other things that put me off eating completely if I think too hard about it (and dont even get me started on the sugar filled bread they sell in the US).

Anyway, on the odd occasion we fancy a delivery, Mr Duncan wants pizza.  I'm pretty anti takeout foods to begin with so pizza from any of the chains do not appeal to me at all.  When I found the What On Earth pizza bases on offer it seemed like the solution to a number of things:
  1. Mr Duncan being able to have pizza for dinner
  2. Having that pizza be healthy and nutritious
  3. Getting Duncan to do his fair share of cooking
  4. Avoiding the high cost of crappy delivery pizza when we cant be bothered cooking properly
So when they are on offer, I buy a packet and keep them in the freezer.  We always have something in the fridge that needs using up makes a good topping.

Tonight's pizza topping was
  • homemade passata from the freezer
  • mushrooms
  • onions
  • chorizo
  • fresh basil 
  • buffala mozzerella (Mr Duncan produced with a flourish when he finally turned up, thereby showing he actually intended to cook and had even thought about it in advance!)
and served it with salad made from
  • couscous
  • rocket/arugula
  • cucumber
  • tomato
  • parsley
  • basil

Ready in under 20 minutes and delicious!

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