Thursday, 19 December 2013

Progress with Pickle

Railay Bay, Thailand ~ June 2009
Once we received Mr Duncan's visa grant and were working out the details of our move to Australia we thought we'd spend a month or so experiencing the good food, weather and laid back lifestyle to be enjoyed holidaying on an island in Thailand, while we waited for our stuff to be shipped to Australia.  After all, Mr Duncan only needs a fast internet connection to be able to work.

Then we found out about Pickle and decided it was better to come straight here - I was concerned about continuity of maternity care and had no desire to be somewhere I didn't speak the language if something went wrong like before.

We travelled when I was 11 weeks - I really wanted to be here by Pipkin's due date - and I skipped the 12 week scan completely.  I didn't want the test results last time, and after what happened that was doubly true this time.

I registered with a doctor the week we got to Melbourne who referred me to
  • a pathology clinic to have blood taken and tested
  • a radiology clinic for an 18-20 week ultrasound and to 
  • the local hospital for pregnancy care
I had the bloods taken on the same day as my doctor appointment.  I haven't had any results so I assume they went to the doctor and everything is fine.

I received a letter from the hospital I was referred to saying they accept me as a patient for pregnancy care.  They have scheduled two appointments for me on 7th January.  One for the booking clinic, the second for the doctor clinic.  The hospital website says the booking clinic appointment is usually held between 14 and 18 weeks and mine is scheduled for week 19, so only a little late.  I have no idea what happens in the doctor's clinic.

I hadn't heard back from the radiology clinic as them so made a follow up call and they have booked my 18-20 week scan for 13th January.  After checking my dates I called back to check the appointment has been made for the right time - it is scheduled for 20 weeks, 6 days.  I was told that the doctors there don't want to see you for the scan until you're at least 20 weeks. It is a different hospital to the one I have been accepted at, (I have to get the ultrasound done privately) so maybe they do things differently there.  Except even their website refers to it as "Mid-trimester scan (18 to 20 weeks)".

So I'm a bit confused.  If anyone reading this has any experience of the Australian (Victorian) system for pregnancy care, I'd be very interested in any comments/advice/feedback.

I am slowly getting bigger and now look pregnant enough for someone to offer me a seat on a crowded tram yesterday.  I'm also experiencing some growing pains in my belly which in the absence of any other confirmation is mostly reassuring.


  1. So glad to hear your pregnancy is progressing well :) KEeping my fingers crossed for your upcoming scans. That photo of Thailand is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Annie - and mine are likewise crossed for your next one on 2nd Jan.

  2. I love to read all this news of Pickle's progress! I can relate to the confusion over different systems as well, especially havcing just had an international clinic experience. I find that even within the UK, there are some big discrepancies between protocols at each clinic, as to when they'll do certain screening, etc. I've tried to force myself not to compare too much, because I find it makes me anxious with worry that things aren't being done 'right'. I guess it's not an exact science, and then I try just to focus on the progress of my little one instead.

    I'm sorry you're having this confusion though and hope it all gets sorted out quickly, for your peace of mind! I think it's cool how close our dates are; we have our 20 week scan on 10th Jan :)

    1. Thanks for that, it makes me feel better to know there is variation in the UK as well - I've only dealt with the one hospital so not much to compare it to. All the best for your next scan, I'll be right behind you!

  3. Wonderful news that things are progressing even if it did mean skipping Thailand. I bet it is trying to figure out the medical system. I know there are many international birth stories and moms on the Birth Without Fear website, maybe you could connect with someone in Australia through it?

    1. Thats a great idea Marcy. Thanks for the suggestion - I hadn't heard of Birth Without Fear before but it just sucked me down a rabbithole of birth stories for an hour!


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