Saturday, 1 March 2014

Home is the smell of cooking coming from the kitchen

 Cashew Chicken stir fry
Our furniture finally arrived two weeks ago.  I heard the truck backing up the
driveway and was surprised to see they had an enormous truck carting a entire container on the back!  In London, they had just loaded our stuff into a medium-sized lorry.  We didn't even have half a container's worth, it was a bit tricky figuring out somewhere for it to park while they unloaded it, but we managed to squeeze it between the tree and the letterbox.

The delivery team were great and worked really well together.  One guy unloaded the truck, calling out each box number and description for me to check off the inventory.  One guy took each box to the room I specified and the third team member unpacked the contents of the boxes in the rooms (somewhat haphazardly) and returned the empty boxes to the container.

By the end of the weekend our furniture had been assembled and arranged and most of our things had found a home but it has taken until today to get really settled - what with TVs not working and needing to change power plugs and clean everything.  I still have a drawer of plastic storage containers in the kitchen that needs washing and organising but that can wait until a rainy day.


I'm really enjoying having a properly equipped kitchen again and have been cooking up a storm, though haven't really tried cooking anything particularly new or adventurous.  I'm sticking to my healthy food for pregnancy principles and doubling up on recipes to stash food in the freezer for when I am too tired to cook.  Unpacking our books, I came across Nourishing Traditions which I bought just before we left the UK and plan to start making some fermented foods and using my own pastry from the recipes in the book.

I keep forgetting to take pictures...  here are a few I remembered to take before we ate.

In honour of having baking dishes again, I bought some phyllo pastry and made double lots of spanakopita which I served with homemade falafel and humous and beet/carrot salad.

The recipe is basic - sweat onion and spinach over a low heat until well wilted. Squeeze out moisture, mix in feta and spread over pastry layer.  Pour over a couple of beaten eggs.  Top with more pastry.  Bake at a medium heat.
Meze plate with spanakopita, humous and falafel

Bacon and Egg Pie
With the leftover phyllo pastry I made this Kiwi classic. Use middle or back bacon, rather than the rashers you get in North America.  Evenly spread finely chopped onion over the base pastry layer and sprinkle with chopped bacon.  I put mine under the grill for a few minutes before chopping as it was quite fatty, but raw bacon or even some ham works just as well.  Crack five or six eggs on top.  Some people like to ensure the yolks remain whole but I use a fork to prick mine so they run a bit.  Top with pastry.  Bake for about 35 mins in medium oven.

Its just as delicious served cold and can be eaten with the hands, so is an easy dish to take to a picnic.
Bacon and Egg pies, fresh from the oven

served with spinach and orange salad
I made a batch of granola but used blackstrap molasses as the sweetener, in place of honey, which made it a lovely rich brown colour.  We eat this for breakfast several times a week with fresh fruit and plain yoghurt.
Home made granola

My friend gave me a couple of kaffir lime leaves from her tree, so I was excited to use them somehow.  I've never made my own yellow curry paste before but this Thai Yellow Curry recipe was much easier than I expected and turned out to be so tasty.  I added chickpeas and cashews but went easy on the chilli.  Cold leftover curry piled onto rice crackers made a great lunch the next day.

Yellow pumpkin and sweet potato curry
I'm loving the fresh produce available in Melbourne.  The other day I found a bag of ripe tomatoes and a bag of ripe avocados for only $3.00.  They needed using immediately, but that was okay, I had just soaked some mixed beans - so a Mexican evening it was!
Veggie beans, guacamole and salsa


  1. Wow, yummy! you've motivated me to get off my butt and cook the apple crisp I've been planning to all day :-)

    1. Apple crisp sounds delicious. I find cooking (and eating yummy food) helps keep my mind from churning over other things. I hope it works for you!

  2. Yay for getting all your kitchen stuff back! Your "nothing new or particularly adventurous" recipes are still AMAZING. And I am so right on there with your nutrition philosophy. I would eat everything you cooked in a heartbeat. Fermented foods, hooray! Please post about your fermentations when you get to them.

    1. Will do. I was inspired by your ginger kombucha post but I haven't yet found somewhere to get a starter here. Its weird, I've even been having trouble finding herb tea that is so common in the UK its sold in the supermarket. I'll probably start with something simple like yoghurt and pickled veg.


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