Wednesday, 2 April 2014

No sense of humour

I don't normally have a problem with Facebook.  Given I've lived in four different countries over the past 15 years, it allows me glimpses into the lives of friends who I simply don't keep up with on a regular basis.  It makes me feel connected to them and when we do get in touch we don't have years of catchup to do and can pretty much pick up where we left off.

But what is it about April Fools Day that brings out all the fake pregnancy announcements on Facebook?

And why are they always made by people who already have more than one healthy child that they had no problems conceiving?

Last year a close friend indulged in this April Fools "prank".  I was newly pregnant with Pipkin and thrilled for her news - we were due to deliver within days of each other!  How exciting!  I was just about to email her my news when she copped to her 'joke' and made comments about how impossible it would be to have more children at her age.

My age.

That kinda hurt.  And it hurt more when I lost Pipkin several weeks later.  My thoughts kept returning to her beliefs re age and the seeming impossibility of what I was trying to achieve.  And she was one of the people I would have reached out to for support during my miscarriage.  Was.

This year I thought I escaped such nonsense having encountered none before I went to bed last night but I forgot about the time difference and woke to three such announcements in my newsfeed this morning from the UK and US contingents.


There are some things about which I have no sense of humour at all.


  1. I'm sure your sense of humour is just fine. I fail to see what is remotely funny about fake pregnancy announcements under any circumstances. I'm sorry that your friend made that stupid joke around the time of your loss.

    1. Thanks Turtle. I think I'm just going to have to learn to laugh at people who are insensitive about these things. Laughter is supposed to be so good for you and there are so many dumb comments made it would certainly up my daily quotient!

  2. Ugh. That's awful. So sorry you got whammied multiple times. I know people don't mean to be hurtful on FB, but still... A friend of mine posted a picture of her newborn and said "Made from scratch." Not funny at all to me considering my situation. Hugs.

    1. Maybe yours could be "Made with love and determination". x


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