Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Its been a while...

Pumpkin and Green Bean Salad with Tomato Basil Couscous
Its been a while since I last posted.

Although I compose a half paragraph or two in my head nearly every day, I've not found the motivation to actually commit any of them to a post.

If I started this blog to foster and record my creative efforts with some vague ideas about correlating creativity in general with creating new life, now I'm pregnant and living in a mostly empty house I find myself at an all time creative low.

We moved to our new (rental) home a few weeks ago.  It is lovely and spacious with big windows affording lots of natural light and only a 20 minute walk to the sea.  I love it.

Our furniture being shipped from the UK spent an unscheduled two week stopover in Singapore so we had to rent a bed/couch/table and buy some pillows and a blanket to make do until our shipment turns up.

Same old, same old but on plastic plates.
I thought it was bad in the serviced apartment but now I have only a camping set of two nesting pots to cook with which severely limits my options.  I feel like I'm making the same meals all the time.  Our dining set consists of some plastic plates we brought in our luggage and a backpack picnic set we bought once we found out the shipping was going to be so late.

It feels the most creative I've been lately is with some old telephone books we found in a cupboard - I tore off the covers to use as placemats to keep the rental table in good condition and I'm using some of the books piled up under the bed to stop the rental bed from rolling around the bedroom as its castors don't have any locking mechanism.

It took two weeks for the internet to be connected so I had lots of catching up on other blogs to do, but feeling so blah haven't had anything positive to comment. I am still reading though and thinking of you all.

Tomorrow our shipment is due to be delivered.  Unfortunately no one involved in shipping/removals here seems able to provide confirmed dates/times in advance so I haven't been able to sequence the pickup of the rental furniture before the delivery of the shipment from the UK.  Both sets of companies will phone me with a 'window' tomorrow morning, so I am expecting some level of chaos to ensue.

But it heartens me that as of tomorrow I'll have my kitchen stuff back... and my desk... and my sewing machine and with any luck my motivation and creativity will come back too.  I have an essay I need to write and submit to complete a course I did last year and there are some things I want to sew for Pickle before he/she is born.

On the Pickle front...

The fetal anomaly scan was, in the words of the technician, 'as expected' so that is probably good.  Pickle was extremely active wriggling away from the ultrasound wand as much as possible and frustrating the technician to no end.  I am definitely getting rounder and living in the clothes I altered while in Brisbane although I do worry that I'm not putting on enough weight.  In the UK I used to weigh myself on those machines in Boots but haven't been able to find any public weighing machines here so I guess I have to wait until my next hospital appointment in two weeks.

I now have the reassurance of feeling Pickle kick to let me know everything is okay with this pregnancy. Pickle is pretty inactive in the day but come 10.30pm tap-dances up a storm.  I try not to worry but its hard not to and I know it seems crazy but I still fearfully check for blood every time I use the bathroom.

I tackled the tricky problem of how to tell my family... There always seems to be lots of feuding in my family.  I am the only one who is always talking to everyone else.  I was worried about triggering accusations of favouritism if I told one family member before others.  So I sent them all a card with the same information - our new address and that we were expecting an addition to the family in June.  My mother and sister seemed to think we were getting a pet. My Aunt and Father both sent notes of congratulations.  No word from my younger sister, but that is to be expected.  I work on the premise that no news is good news with her.

I've added a new pic to Pickle's page for those who want to see baby bumps.


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  1. Sounds like you will be very excited once your furniture arrives and you can really settle in before Pickle's arrival. I'm happy to read that Pickle's tap dancing is providing you with reassurance. What a mixed reaction from your family!


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