Sunday, 2 June 2013

What is creativity?

Creating life from seeds - for tasty meals!
I was blessed with a good head on my shoulders and did fairly well at school without feeling like I had to try too hard.

Frankly I am a curious person and I found school pretty interesting.  I used my curiosity and confidence in my ability to read and understand what I read, to teach myself how things worked and how to make things I couldn't afford to buy.  I sang and participated in drama productions.

My sisters didn't enjoy school in the same way that I did.  My Mum said that it was because I was academic and my sisters were creative. That we were equal, but different.  Thus I was pigeonholed and accepted the fact I wasn't a creative type.

One day when I was in my late twenties a friend commented that I was SO creative in so many ways.  I was shocked by her comment.  I wasnt creative! I didn't try to come up with ideas, much less compete with my talented sisters when it came to things like drawing and dancing. 

But she pointed out my love of cooking and making up recipes, my confidence around a sewing pattern, my interest in growing my own vegetables, the way I liked to strip back and restore furniture - all my creativity was practical.  Thanks Lisa C.

This put a whole new spin on it for me.  I am very creative going about my day to day life and in problem-solving.  One day I may even attempt to muscle in on my sisters' territory of art with some drawing or painting lessons.  In the meantime, I am interested in fostering creativity in my life with the vague idea that strengthening creativity outwardly will be synergistic with creating new life.

I'll record some of my creations relevant to fertility and pregnancy here.


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