Monday, 17 November 2014

Microblog Mondays: Family resemblances

I look like my father. While I have my mothers facial shape, I have my fathers features and colouring.

Pickle is the spitting image of me, but with Mr Duncan's darker colouring.  I have black and white pictures of myself as a baby that could easily be mistaken for Pickle now.

When my mother was in the emergency room, hooked up to 5 drips and a heart machine, she kept arching back and craning her neck to try and read the monitor behind her (she used to be a nurse).

There was something about that movement.  In her determination to see.  In the curve of her neck, the set of her jaw... her vulnerability...  I saw my baby daughter.

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  1. What a powerful moment that you captured with words. And incredibly moving ending to the post.

  2. Beautiful, powerful, amazing post. I agree, the ending was so moving.

  3. Very observant and great writing. Life, full circle.


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