Thursday, 1 August 2013

My first BFP!

We'd been working on getting pregnant for about 18 months... the first year mostly casually, the final six months with increasing concern.  The usual run of tests showed no issues with either myself or Mr Duncan and it was implied it must be a problem due to my age.

I was 40 by the time we went to see the doctor and had genuinely expected I'd be circumstantially infertile until getting together with Mr Duncan at the age of 38.  My sister had both her children in her early 40s so I hoped I would take after her and that we still had some time. I put the hard word on him about children after only 6 months of dating, but we'd known each other for several years before that and while his attitude was that we had loads of time, mine was that time was running out and he agreed to give up the condoms. 

In the months before my 41st birthday I redoubled my efforts to determine if pregnancy was a possibility for me or if we should just give up trying.  I started taking my bbt to ensure I was ovulating and purchased an AMH test from Zita West to see if I even had an ovarian reserve.

I phoned the doctors surgery to make an appointment to have a nurse take a blood sample explaining what it was for.  When I got to the doctors surgery however, the Nurse wouldn't take blood as it was for a private test, not an NHS one.  I didn't understand.  I had explained what it was I needed and was told that I'd have to pay when I made the appointment on the phone so I was pretty frustrated that after the wait, the Nurse was refusing to take the blood sample.

She didn't think that my doctors surgery offered that service but the person in charge wasn't there to check with until the next day.  So she sent me on my way.  I was in floods of tears and had an irrational emotional meltdown when I got home.  I figured the emotions were due to PMS - if somewhat worse than usual, the timing was about right.  In my irrational upset I decided to take a pregnancy test.


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