Friday, 21 June 2013

Chicken and Prawn Spanish Paella

My wok masquerading as a paella pan
Although the veg box only came on Tuesday, I have used up most of the veg already what with the Endive and Asparagus salad, Tuna bean salad and fresh mussels with tomatoes.  Some weeks are like that.

Yesterday Mr Duncan failed the medical for his Australian visa with high blood pressure so needs to lose weight and lower it.  For him this means cutting out bread/dairy/salt/fat.

So with barely any fresh veg and a bunch of storecupboard stuff we need to use up before we move I remembered a cheap and nutritious meal I used to throw together when I was at University that would meet the criteria for Mr Duncan's dietary changes.  At its most basic is only onions, rice and tinned tomato, with whatever leftover meat or veg can be found.  I prefer a ratio of twice as much veg as rice.

Tonight's version was
  •     thumb-sized bit of leftover chorizo, sliced thinly and chopped
  •     1 onion, chopped
  •     crushed garlic
  •     1/2 yellow pepper/capsicum
  •     turmeric
  •     1/2 cup dry brown rice
  •     chopped fresh chilli (out of the freezer from last year's harvest)
  •     tinned tomatoes
  •     frozen peas and frozen corn
  •     shredded cooked chicken breast (from the roast chicken I did a couple of weeks ago)
  •     frozen pre cooked prawns

Sweat the chorizo over a medium heat until it releases fat then add the onions, garlic and pepper.  Stir until softened. Add rice and mix into the veg to absorb any moisture.  Add tomatoes, turneric and chilli, stir and cover.  Stir every five or so minutes to allow the rice to absorb the liquid easily and add water if it needs more moisture. When the rice is nearly ready stir in the remaining ingredients and cook until they're heated through and the rice is fully cooked.  Serve with lemon wedges.

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